Simple Arduino Entry Counter

Simple Arduino Entry Counter

For beginners who interested to learn about arduino this project is very easy to lean and wire, we give you very short notes to know details about this project. Its have very few components,

1. 8 numbers of 330 ohms resistors
2. one 10K resistor
3. Bread board
4. Common Cathode Seven Segment
5. IR Diode
7. Few jumper wires

1. Connect 7Seg Common to GND pin of arduino
2. Connect A to G via 330 ohm in arduino pin 6 to 12.
3. Connect 10K to Analog Pin 0 with 5V in arduino.
4. Connect IR Diode cathode to ground and anode to Analog Pin 0
5. Connect IR Led to 5v with 330ohms in serious.

Dump this code, Keep IR diode and IR Led in same line to face each other, when interrupt accrue its counts one.

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