Point Of Sales 3.6

Point Of Sales 3.6

We specialize in providing customized POS systems that improve business and transaction efficiency for retailers, restaurants and rental businesses, as well as individual components such as touchscreen displays, computer cash registers and cash drawer systems. Our software product, PEASPOS Software is a unique PC-based POS solution that offers true accounting software integration capabilities.

Integrated Credit Card Processing

Credit card transactions in any business are a major key to sales efficiency. Many of our clients choose to integrate their merchant services directly into the PEASPOS system to not only increase speed, but ensure the security of their transactions. Integration not only eliminates the potential for human error, but also ensures that your system runs completely effortlessly. PEASPOS is easy to use, and works seamlessly with your major accounting software, making it simple to manage your business. With the aid of common barcode scanners and touchscreen interfaces, you can process your sales quickly and efficiently, without having to learn a completely new software system!!

Businesses around the world use PEASPOS, including small retail operations all the way up to multi-franchise corporations.

Why our Point Of Sale Machine?

  • Compact in size
  • Light in weight
  • Easy to use
  • Offers ease of vision to the operator
  • Higher End Software
  • Multi-Level Password Protection
  • Split Billing
  • Creditor Management
  • Expense Management
  • Complementary Billing

Equipped With :

  • High End Intel Atom-Dual Core 1.6GHz
  • 45 key legendary Rugged Mechanical Operable Keypad
  • Ergonomically mounted 32 Character LCD with Backlight
  • Optional Parallel Display Unit
  • 32 Column 2 Inch High Speed Thermal Printer
  • USB interface
  • Models with Optional Interfaces for RS232/GPRS/BARCODE/SMART CARD/RF/Biometric Etc

Widely Used For

  • Shop Billing
  • Hotel Billing
  • Bakery Billing
  • Fast Food Billing
  • Restaurant Billing
  • Fuel Station Billing

Our Promise

POS Software & Systems Group systems are designed to dramatically improve your control of inventory, customer information and point of sale details. Using our dynamic software product and a selection of components from

an array of high quality point of sale vendors and more, we help transform our customers’ business environments everyday – resulting in thousands of rupees in savings per year.

We thank you for visiting us online. We invite you to contact us regarding your POS needs, but also encourage you to browse our site to discover more about PEASPOS, our point of sale software. Or find alternative online payment

services to give your customers more options.