Electronics Church Bell

Electronics Church Bell

We Named as Happy Bell, because it shows you Presence of Christ Around YOU. Its a complete electronics bell system, which doesn’t require any man power in anyway. It’s not only Bell in every hour also motivates the listener with Golden Words of Christ in every hour in English and regional language.


  • 8GB MicroSD
  • 865 Bible Versus
  • 100 Songs Various Christian Album
  • Automatic Night Shutdown (10.00 PM to 05.00AM)
  • Automatic Amplifier ON and OFF
  • Easy to Adjust Time
  • Utilize Single Amplifier for Service and Alarm by Simple Press
  • LCD Display adjust time and Current Time
  • Plug-play
  • AUX-Out in Standard 6.3mm Mono Socket
  • Acrylic Laminated PCBs (avoids water and rust)
  • High Quality Power Card and 2-in One Socket
  • Build in Speaker to Listen free time

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