Density Based Traffic Signal

Density Based Traffic Signal

This small project will count the number of vehicle enters in four road, based on the frequency of arrivals, signal will switch, for this project you need

  • Arduino
  • 4 IR Diode
  • 4 IR LED
  • 4 Green LED
  • 4 Red LED
  • 4 Yellow LED
  • 16 330 Ohm resisotors
  • 4 10K resistors

connect all IR Diode serious with 10K and take output from that point and connect to arduino pin A0, A1, A2 and A3 for Road 1, Road 2.. Road 4 respectively.
connect all LEDs with 300 ohm in serious, plug 4 IR Led in 5V and Ground
connect all Green, Yellow and Red LEDs cathode to ground
connect Green, Yellow and Red by four group with arduino pin (13,12,11), (10,9,8), (7,6,5) and (4,3,2) for Road 1.. Road 4 respectively

burn blow code, and keep IR Diode and IR Sensor to face same direction, now when vehicle cross it count one. breath below code your can understand easily.

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